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An aperitif made for you, only you, but also everyone else. Made with Ruby Red Grapefruits hand-picked in Corsica and crafted on the banks of the River Charente in France. Cheers your Spritz to an artisanal contradiction of bitter-sweet citrus & natural botanicals.

Pampelle is imported and distributed in Cyprus by Hartziotis Trading Company Ltd.

700 ml

Pampelle Recipes

Pampelle recipe tonic
Pampelle recipe Spritz
Pampelle recipe French Negroni

Pusser’s Rum

Pusser’s Rum

Pusser's Rum

Pusser’s Rum

Pusser’s Rums are the made with in the tradition of the original British Navy Admiralty Rum recipe. Made with only natural ingredients they are the perfect rum to use in cocktails. One of the most celebrated rum cocktails in fact bares the Pusser’s Rum name. In fact trying the “therapeutic” Pusser’s painkiller you might be cured of all sorts of pains and ills!

Pusser's Rum
Original Admiralty Blend 700ml
Gunpowder proof
Gunpowder Proof 700ml
Overproof Rum
Overproof 700ml
Pusser's Spiced Rum
Spiced Rum 700ml
Pusser's Painkiller cocktail

Delphi & MAREA beers by Elixi

Ελιξη Beers in Cyprus

The Elixi microbrewery in Chalkida produces some of Greece’s finest craft beers. Hartziotis Trading is proud to import and distribute its Delpi pilsner and Marea Blonde lager in Cyprus.

MAREA Beer in Cyprus

Marea Blonde

Unfiltered, unpasteurized and with a second fermentation in the bottle, Marea Blonde is a one of a kind Lager. Blond, hazy and with an intensely aromatic character coming from tropical fruits, citrus and sweet spices. Each bottle is adorned with specially commissioned artwork.

Marea Beer bottles
Marea Blonde 33cl

Delphi Beer in Cyprus


Delphi is a unique, mediterranean type Pilsner. Unfiltered, unpasteurized it goes through a second fermentation inside the bottle.  It is characterized by a rich head, intense but well balanced taste and slightly bitter after taste. Delphi was designed to accompany perfectly summer salads, pasta, white meat and seafood.

Delphi 75cl
Delphi 75cl
Delphi Beer 330ml bottle
Delphi 330ml

Marea Ale in Cyprus

Marea Ale

Marea Ale is non-pasteurised, double fermented and unfiltered malt ale. Made with the finest barley, oat, wheat, rice and maize it comes in with 5.4% alcoholic content. Its deep golden colour, full taste with a scent of citrus and dry fruits make it a pleasure to enjoy. Combining the slightly sweet taste of cereals with the bitterness of hops it leaves an intense, lasting aftertaste.

Marea Ale 330ml

Schneider Weisse

Schneider Weisse

Schneider Weisse beer

Schneider Weisse Beers

Beers brewed with pleasure for pleasure is what Schneider Weisse beers are all about. Using the finest natural, regional ingredients Schneider Weisse beers are made in Kelheim, Germany with very special brewing methods.

Hartziotis Trading is proud to import and distribute in Cyprus three of the finest beers produced by this unique brewer. Choose from the bright wheat “Tap1 Mein helle Weisse”, the traditional “TAP7 Mein Original” or the unbelievably sensual Aventinus Eisbock”.

TAP1 Mein helle Weisse beer bottle
TAP1 Mein helle Weisse 50cl
Tap7 Mein Original 50cl
Tap7 Mein Original 50cl
Tap7 Mein Original 33cl
Tap7 Mein Original 33cl
Aventinus Eisbock 33cl
Schneider Weisse beers in Cyprus