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1724 Tonic Water

1724 Tonic Water

1724 Tonic Water in Cyprus

1724 Tonic Water is superior quality tonic water that is the perfect match to high quality cocktails and as it copliments perfectly super-premium spirits. Quinine trees on the Peruvian Inca trail at an altitude of 1,724 meters above sea level provide the key ingedient for this tonic water. Coupled with pure spring water this particular quinine makes for a premium tonic water product. 1724 Tonic Water is imported and distributed in Cyprus by Hartziotis Trading Ltd.


1724 Tonic Water 20cl
1724 Tonic Water 20cl
Mediterranean Duo pack
Mediterranean Duo
Gin Mare gift pack
1724 Tonic Water bottle Cyprus

Real Cocktail Ingredients

Real cocktail ingredients in Cyprus

Infused Syrups

Reàl Cocktail Ingredients are made with up to 40% pure fruit and all-natural cane sugar. Squeezable, pourable and shelf-stable they are the perfect solution for mixologists in Cyprus and everywhere.
Don’t your cocktails deserve the very best?

Blue Agave syrup
Blue Agave
Passion Fruit Syrup
Passion Fruit
Mango Syrup
Black Cherry Syrup
Black Cherry
Pineapple syrup
Strawberry Syrup
Kiwi syrup
Real Competition

Finest Call premium cocktail ingredients

Finest Call premium cocktail ingredients

Finest Call cocktail ingredients in Cyprus

Finest Call premium quality cocktail mixes are the highest quality and most bartender friendly mixes available anywhere. A carefully selected range is imported and distributed in Cyprus by Hartziotis Trading Ltd.

Fruit Purees

Ready To Mix

Finest Call cocktail mixes

Britvic Mixers

Britvic Mixers

 Britvic soft drinks in Cyprus

Britvic is one of the leading soft drinks companies in Europe, with operations in Great Britain (GB), Ireland and France. Across these three markets, the company has developed a strong portfolio of its own iconic brands, including Robinsons, Tango, J2O, drench, MiWadi, Ballygowan, Teisseire and Fruité. In addition, in GB and Ireland, the company produces and sells a number of PepsiCo’s famous soft drinks brands, including Pepsi, 7UP and Mountain Dew Energy, under exclusive agreements with PepsiCo. Britvic is the largest supplier of branded still soft drinks and the number two supplier of branded carbonated soft drinks in GB, and it is an industry leader in Ireland and France.


Britvic Tonic Water
Tonic Water 150ml
Low Calorie Tonic Water
Low Calorie Tonic Water 150ml
Spicy Ginger Ale
Ginger Ale 150ml
Tonic Water
Tonic Water 200ml
Low Calorie Tonic Water
Low Calorie Tonic Water 200ml
Ginger Ale 200ml
Ginger Beer 200ml
Tomato Juice
Tomato Juice 200ml
Ginger Ale
Spicy Ginger Ale 200ml
Britvic tonic