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Chateau & Other Estates

Chateau & Other Estates

	Castel wines in Cyprus

For three generations now, the Castel Group have been developing the art of winemaking in accordance with the values that bond this close-knit family together: gentleness, humanity and the love of wine. As owners of 21 winemaking estates in the Bordeaux Region and Provence, they have at their fingertips the skill and experience to showcase each of these diverse terroirs to its best advantage. Hartziotis Trading is importing to Cyprus a big range of these chateau wines.

White wines

Chateau De la Botiniere

Cateau De la Botiniere

Chateau Ferrande White

Chateau Ferrande White

Rose wines

Cateau Cavalier 750ml

Chateau Cavalier 750ml

Cateau Cavalier Magnum

Chateau Cavalier Magnum

Red wines

Cru De La Maqueline, Bordeaux

Cru De La Maqueline, Bordeaux

Cateau Saint Leon

Chateau Saint Leon, Bordeaux Superieur

Cateau Techeney

Chateau Techeney, Bordeaux Superieur

Cateau Malbec

Chateau Malbec

Cahteau Du Lort

Chateau Du Lort, Bordeaux

Cateau Mirefleurs

Chateau Mirefleurs, Bordeaux Superieur

Chateau Du Bousquet

Chateau Du Bousquet, Cotes de Bourg

Chateau Tour Prignac

Chateau Tour Prignac Cru Bourgeois

Cateau Latour Camblanes

Chateau Latour Camblanes, Premieres

Chateau D' Arcins

Chateau D’ Arcins Cru Bourgeois

Grande Reserve Chateau Tour Prignac

Chateau Tour Prignac Grande Reserve, Cru Bourgeois, Medoc

Chateau Ferrande

Chateau Ferrande, Graves

Chateau Montlabert

Chateau Montlaber, Saint Emilion Gran Cru

Maison Castel

Maison Castel

Maison Castel French wines

Maison Castel is the group’s signature brand which was named for the family and is the flagship wine brand for Hartziotis Trading. The Maison Castel brand brings together a complete range of wines, covering a full spectrum of flavours and the best of the classic French varietals, and showcasing the wealth and diversity of France’s terroirs and vineyard.

Produced to a particularly demanding set of specifications, these wines are made to appeal to a wide audience. Their labels proudly display the Castel coat of arms to indicate the Houses’ total commitment, and to provide a recognizable symbol of good, reliable French quality wines.

Vin de Pays D’Oc

White – Dry

Maison Castel Sauvignion
Maison Castel Chardonnay
Maison Castel Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc 18.7cl
Chardonnay 18.7cl
Chardonnay 18.7cl

Rose – Dry

Syrah 18.7cl

Red – Dry

Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon
Merlot 18.7cl
Cabernet Sauvignon 18.7cl
Cabernet Sauvignon 18.7cl

Medium Sweet



Maison Castel Bordeaux


Cuvée Blanche
Cuvée Blanche
Maison Castel Cuvée Rosée
Cuvée Rosée

Very by Maison Castel

VeRy by Maison Castel are aromatized wine based drinks. They are produced from a delicate blend of French wine, premium quality fruit syrups and natural flavourings. They make a great aperitif – fresh, light and fruity, full of taste and colour. Available in grapefruit, lime and pomegranate. Chilled to around 7-8ºC they deliver the perfect balance of wine and fruity flavours.

Very Lime
Very Pomegranate

Castel Frere

Castel Frere

Castel Frere wines in Cyprus

The Castel Group was founded in Bordeaux in 1949 by a family of 9 brothers and sisters. For over 60 years they have devoted their energy and skills to spreading the word about French wines throughout the world. Under the guiding hand of founding President Pierre Castel the Group has become the largest wine producer in France and Europe. Castel is an internationally recognized name, backed up by a range of acclaimed brands and Châteaux, and with an established presence in over 130 countries. It is represented in Cyprus by Hartziotis Trading since 2002.

Maison Castel wines