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Schneider Weisse

Schneider Weisse beer

Schneider Weisse Beers

Beers brewed with pleasure for pleasure is what Schneider Weisse beers are all about. Using the finest natural, regional ingredients Schneider Weisse beers are made in Kelheim, Germany with very special brewing methods.

Hartziotis Trading is proud to import and distribute in Cyprus three of the finest beers produced by this unique brewer. Choose from the bright wheat “Tap1 Mein helle Weisse”, the traditional “TAP7 Mein Original” or the unbelievably sensual Aventinus Eisbock”.

TAP1 Mein helle Weisse beer bottle
TAP1 Mein helle Weisse 50cl
Tap7 Mein Original 50cl
Tap7 Mein Original 50cl
Tap7 Mein Original 33cl
Tap7 Mein Original 33cl
Aventinus Eisbock 33cl
Schneider Weisse beers in Cyprus