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Tiki Culture Bartender Challenge 2020

Tiki Bartenders Challenge 2020

Hartziotis Trading Co Ltd, the official distributor of Reàl Cocktail Ingredients & Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes in Cyprus, is announcing the “Tiki Culture Bartender Challenge 2020”. This new cocktail competition is following the successful Reàl Bartenders Challenge Cyprus 2018. This time though is adopting a “Tiki Culture” theme and is challenging professional bartenders working in Cyprus to prepare cocktails which will satisfy the demanding palates of the ancient tiki gods! 🍹

The cocktail competition is powered by Reàl Cocktail Ingredients and Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes, two of the leading brands of premium cocktail ingredients available in the global market.

The objective of the Tiki Culture Bartender Challenge 2020 is to push bartenders to learn more about the history and meaning of tiki culture and experiment more in preparing tropical drinks using contemporary techniques and ingredients. 

Another important objective is to strengthen the brands’ relationships with the bartending community in Cyprus and promote further the use of Reàl Cocktail Ingredients & Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes in the market, to meet the demand of mixologist minded consumers and continue to push the boundaries of cocktail creation to new heights.

The winner will have the opportunity to serve his/her winning cocktail to the customers of one of the best tropical cocktail bars in London, Laki Kane. The winner will work next to the award-winning bartender, founding partner of Laki Kane, and world-famous rum connoisseur Georgi Radev.  

Submissions to enter the Tiki Culture Bartender Challenge 2020 are now closed. The 8 best professionals with their cocktail recipes will be chosen to compete in the Final Competition which will take place on March 17th. A judging panel, composed of international industry professionals, will take the decision of the best cocktail in the competition.

Please read the Rules and Regulations of the Tiki Culture Bartender Challenge 2020.